Was born in Bologna in 1946 from a family of antique dealers.

His father had an antique shop in Piazza S. Stefano. His uncle Giorgio too had one in Florence in Via dei Fossi. His grandfather Alfredo during the beginning of the century learned the profession in Florence from Stefano Bardini, afterwards he moved to Bologna where he worked in a villa on the hillsides just outside the city.


At 17 years old he began to work in his fathers shop while studying Art History.


In 1968 he moved to Rome where he opened his own gallery in Via del Babuino.
In the 1970's he transfered his gallery in Via S. Giacomo. In 1981 he began to work for the auction house Finarte organizing two auctions of furniture and paintings of the new branch in Bari.
From 1982 he worked in the Roman office and became the director the following year.
In 1995 he organized the opening of the Madrid office and was part of the counselling department of Finarte Spain.
From 1999 he became the general director of the artistic departments and was responsible of all the auctions at Finarte.
In january 2002 after approximately 20 years he decided to resign from Finarte and returned to be an independent art dealer inaugurating, in the month of september, his new gallery in Via Margutta, 54.
The gallery principally deals with paintings and sculptures from the XVII to the XX centuries with some contemporary art exhibitions.
Alfredo Pallesi, given his vast experience in the most important italian auction house, also offers estimates and consultancies.


From 14 December 2011, the Gallery A.PAllesi has closed its seat in Rome and moved to Monaco Monte Carlo.



  • Drawings from the '700 to the '800. 26/10 to 06/11 2002 (in collaboration with Porro & C. Milan.)
  • The association between Gianfranco Ferroni and Casimiro Porro. 09 to 17/04 2003 (in collaboration with Porro & C. Milan.
  • Artists by Artists. 09 to 24/05 2003. (in collaboration with Chaucer Fine Arts London.)
  • Monica Incisa, Rome. 20/11 to 28/12 2007.
  • Emanuela Gardner, Rome, 11/06 to 04/09 2008.
  • Vincenzo Gemito, Drawings, London, Trinity Fine Art, 05 to 07/11/2008.
  • Giovanni Baglione, a painting found, 26/10/2010.

Participation at antique fairs:

  • XXIII Biennal 2003. Florence Palazzo Corsini 26/09 to 05/10 2003.
  • Milan International Fine Art and antique show. Milan 17 to 25/04/2004.
  • Art and collectionism at Palazzo Venezia. Rome 29/10 to 07/11/2004.
  • XXIV Biennal 2005. Florence Palazzo Corsini 30/09 to 09/10/2005.
  • Gotha 8th International Antique Fair. 4 to 12/11/2006.
  • Antique trade exhibition. Naples 18 to 28/11/2006.
  • XXV Biennal 2007. Florence Palazzo Corsini 29/09 to 07/10/2007.
  • Milano International Fine Art and antiques show. Milano 17 to 25/04/2008.
  • Art and collectionism at Palazzo Venezia. Rome 16 to 26/10/2008.
  • XXVI Biennal 2009. Florence Palazzo Corsini 26/09 to 04/10/2009.
  • Art and collectionism at Palazzo Venezia. Rome 1 to 10/10/2010.
  • XXVII Biennal 2011 – Florence Palazzo Corsini 1 to 10/10/2011

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